Current Policies

麻豆果冻传媒's policies on ethical and social issues

Title Tags Year Type
WMACouncil Resolution on the protection of healthcare in Israel and Gaza Armed Conflicts, Gaza, Israel, Medical Neutrality, Violence 2024 Council Resolutions
WMACouncil Resolution on Organ Donation in Prisoners China, Execution, Organ Donation, Organ Removal 2024 Council Resolutions, Resolution
WMACouncil Resolution calling for the immediate withdrawal of the bill lifting the ban on female genital mutilation in Gambia FGM, Gender Equality, Gender-Based Violence 2024 Council Resolutions
WMACouncil Resolution on anti-LGBTQ legislation in Uganda Discrimination, Homosexual, Human Rights, LGBTQ 2024 Resolution
WMACouncil Resolution on Proposed Legislation in UK on the Treatment of Migrants disregarding the injunction interim measures Rule 39 of ECHR 2024 Council Resolutions
WMAResolution on Acknowledgement and Condemnation of the Human Rights Violations against the Uyghurs and Other Minorities in China China, Human Rights, Minorities, Uyghurs 2023 Resolution
WMAStatement on Primary Health Care Health System, PHC, Primary health Care 2023 Statement
WMAStatement on Human Health as a Primary Policy Focus for Governments Worldwide Climate Change, Equity, Human Health, SDH, Social Determinants of Health, Sustainable Development, Wellbeing 2023 Statement
WMAResolution on international medical meetings in countries persecuting physicians against medical ethics and human rights standards Human Rights, Medical Ethics, Medical Meetings, Persecution, Torture 2023 Resolution
WMAStatement on Medical Ethics during Public Health Emergencies Conflict, Disaster, Epidemic, Ethical Principles, Health Emergencies, Pandemic, Personal Protective Equipment, PHEs, PPE, Triage 2023 Statement
WMAResolution Condemning the Violence against Physicians in Nepal Attacks, Harassment, Integrity, Nepal, Violence 2023 Resolution
WMAResolution for an Immediate Ceasefire in Sudan and the Protection of Health Care Armed Conflicts, Medical Neutrality, Situations of Violence, Sudan 2023 Resolution
WMAGuidelines on LGBTQ Equity in Venues Hosting WMAMeetings and Functions 2022 Guideline
WMAResolution for Providing Covid-19 Vaccines for All COVID-19, Epidemic, Intellectual Property, Pandemic, Patent, Vaccination, Vaccines, Virus 2022 Resolution
WMAStatement on Physicians Treating Relatives Confidentiality, Impartiality, Patients, Relatives 2022 Statement
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