WMAStands Against Oppressive Anti-LGBTQ Laws in Uganda聽

The WMA(麻豆果冻传媒) takes a firm stand against the oppressive Anti-Homosexuality laws in Uganda, reaffirming its commitment to equality and human rights during its 226th Council Session convened in Seoul, Korea.

With global attention focused on the plight of LGBTQ+ communities, the WMAcondemns discriminatory legislation that undermines fundamental freedoms and access to healthcare.

Dr. Jung Yul Park, Chair of the WMACouncil, emphasizes the collective responsibility:

“The Anti-Homosexuality laws in Uganda represent a grave violation of human rights and a barrier to equitable healthcare provision. The WMAstands in solidarity with LGBTQ+ individuals and calls for immediate action to repeal these oppressive laws.”

Originally passed by the Ugandan parliament in March 2023 and signed into law by President Yoweri Museveni, the Anti-Homosexuality Act has faced widespread condemnation for its severe penalties targeting LGBTQ+ individuals. Despite partial amendments, critical provisions criminalizing consensual same-sex acts and promoting homosexuality remain intact, perpetuating fear and discrimination.

The impact of such legislation extends beyond legal sanctions, as Dr. Park highlights: “Physicians play a crucial role in providing compassionate and non-discriminatory healthcare. However, the Anti-Homosexuality laws in Uganda create a hostile environment where healthcare professionals risk disciplinary action for fulfilling their ethical obligations.”

The WMAresolution calls upon Ugandan authorities to repeal the Anti-Homosexuality laws immediately and urges global solidarity in advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.